One of the largest drugstore pharmacies retailer in Poland selects Magento 2 Enterprise for online sales
Super-Pharm is an international chain of stores combining a pharmacy, drugstore and perfume in one place. In Poland, Super-Pharm has over 70 brick and mortal outlets. The company has been successful in traditional sales for years. The launch of a new e-commerce channel was a natural consequence of the company’s development towards the omnichannel model and the continuous improvement of its competitive position on the market.

Project challenges

Super-Pharm needed a solution that would allow for flexible presentation of the assortment, the highest quality of product information and safe purchase regardless of the place, time and the devices used. The implementation of the new sales channel should also enable reaching out new groups of clients to which Super-Pharm does not go through brick and mortal stores. 

Integration of Magento Enterprise with ERP, POS and logistic system

The basic system of the Super-Pharm architecture is Farmax ERP system, which provides the platform with information about the sales, warehouse and logistics processes. Magento simultaneously supplies the POS system with information about new orders and returns, which allows the implementation of the omnichannel process.

The scope of work included the design and implementation of the e-commerce system on Magento 2 included:

  • the analysis of business processes including integration within ERP, POS and an external logistics operator
  • development of multi-channel sales strategy divided into stages of implementation of individual departments, i.e. perfumery, drugstore
  • UX / UI interaction project
  • preparing the organization to change and achieve the intended business goals
  • integration of the Magento Enterprise system with ERP, POS systems and logistics systems, with the lifestyle club, Criteo (real-time advertising) and Ceneo (price comparison engine)
  • redesign of the Magento Enterprise checkout.

E-commerce solutions that improve sales and shopping experience

In order to support sales and marketing activities as well as to strengthen our shopping experience, we have implemented:

  • integration of Magento with the Lifestyle Loyality Club,
  • integration with a price comparison engine –,
  • integration with Criteo affiliate network,
  • integration with Facebook Connect,
  • redesign of the Magento checkout process steps.

Integration of Magento Enterprise with the Lifestyle Loyalty Club

An element of marketing activities of the Super-Pharm brand is a loyalty program. The integration of the new platform with Lifestyle was a high priority task.

Integration with a price comparison engine –

Integration with the price comparison engine Ceneo allows to send data from Magento to the comparison engine. The data is sent using the XML file created on the store side. We have developed a dedicated module that integrates the offer of the Super-Pharm with Ceneo.

Information architecture

Well designed and transparent navigation is one of the key elements of every e-commerce system. A user should find the desired product as soon as possible and make it easy to purchase. In the case of the Super-Pharm, which structure includes the corporate website, dermocosmetics, perfumery, we have developed a dedicated module Mega Menu. Thanks to Maga Menu is much simpler to navigate though out the shop. Most importantly, it enables the purchase of products also from the corporate website.

Redesigned checkout

Checkout is one of the key elements of the shopping process. We enhanced standard Magneto 2 Enterprise appearance, functionality, and upgraded the preview of the basket, to list the stationary stores where you can pick up orders. To encourage the user to create an account and log in, we’ve also added an “extra step” in the checkout. Going to the checkout user gets a message about the possibility of registration opportunity.

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition is a modern e-commerce platform dedicated to fast growing and large enterprises. Thanks to the flexible, modular architecture of Magento 2 Enterprise, we can not only precisely match the system to our client’s business model, but also make better use of sales and marketing opportunities, including opportunities for personalization of the offer (flash sales, private sales), integration with social media, or affiliate program.

As part of cooperation with Super-Pharm, we provide SLA support, technical support in the field of website development and online merchandising.