Transformation to the omnichannel model

We help companies to efficiently adapt their processes placed between online and traditional sales.


Effective implementation of the omnichannel strategy touches many critical areas of the company’s operations: sales, merchandising, IT infrastructure, logistics and customer service. That’s why the omnichannel is not only a well displayed website of the online shop on different devices, but also efficient business processes that keep the level of experience and customer satisfaction equal.

Because the implementation of the omnichannel philosophy covers very different areas of the company’s operations, it is crucial for success that all levels of change planning are properly integrated and coordinated.


A revolution that we do not notice

The digital transformation of sales is already happening and there is no return from it. Those who invest now, gain valuable experience for the future. Those who only look at each other, in a few years’ time can have serious problems…

Our process

We start the process by defining the customer’s business goals – they are the most important point of reference for planning and designing the whole change. Then we go to the audit phase, during which we look at the characteristics of the shopping path. We analyze, how e-commerce influences logistics processes and customer service policy. On this basis, we plan a change of strategy and processes that we then help to implement.