Experience Design

We make visual design of e-commerce and omnichannel systems. For us, it is not only a useful interface, but first of all shopping experience from  business and the client’s perspective.

The multitask team

Product and business strategy, customer needs analysis, sketching, designing and prototyping – such diverse areas require comprehensive knowledge and skills.

We work as a multidisciplinary team focused on solving specific business challenges, where every decision must be carefully thought out.

Rapid prototyping

We know from experience that the most effective solutions are the result of hard work and the creation of dozens of concepts. Instead of creating beautiful presentations, we prefer to focus on iterations of projects in order to quickly create interactive prototypes that will allow to check the prototypes with real users.

Mobile First Design

More and more people use mobile devices for shopping. That is why we pay special attention to mobile system design with the motivations, needs and context of mobile shopping in mind.

We do not adapt projects to a small screen. We design according to Mobile First Design methodology.

UX techniques and tools

We develop widely known UX Design practices and tools and we adapt them to the specifics of e-commerce solutions. Everything to increase the the shopping experience.

Behavior modeling

User experience mapping

Conceptual sketching

Designing mockups

Interactive prototypes

Online analytics

Conceptual workshop

IDI interviews

Focus group interviews

Guerilla usability tests

Remote and laboratory usability tests

Analysis of best market practices

Context studies