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Magento is a digital commerce market leader according to the Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester ranking. We are the only official implementation partner with the Professional status in Poland.

Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world. According to the Internet Retailer report, over 20% of the world’s largest online stores use Magento as their sales platform.

Magento Commerce is a leading provider of open omnichannel architecture for companies and brands from the B2C and B2B segment regardless of the industry. The strength of the platform is a global community of developers.

Bold Brand Commerce has built up the position of a reliable implementation partner CEE Central and Eastern Europe. We have successfully launched one of the largest e-commerce systems based on Magento technologies, including one for Castorama, Super-Pharm, TME, Semilac.

Ecommerce Platform No. 1

Open Source technology

High flexibility

Cloud version

 22 x Magento 2 Trained
Developers w Bold

Selected features of Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce version has a number of unique functions that allow large enterprises to think about the development of the electronic sales channel without barriers.

Content Staging

With Content Staging each marketer will be able to plan in advance all marketing campaigns that will be implemented through the e-commerce platform.

Content Staging allows you to centralize the management of promotions, banners and all website content. For example, any content, photo as well as whole pages and categories can be automatically published on Valentine’s Day or Halloween.

Performance & Scalability

Magento 2 has been prepared for large and demanding businesses, that’s why system architecture includes:

  • Support for separating the product database, order management and checkout databases.
  • Support for many slave databases and clustering support for checkout and order management.
  • Support for inventory updates for better performance when placing orders.

Visual Merchandising

The intuitive drag-and-drop user interface allows administrators to easily control product positioning in categories and allows automatically move products to the categories using Smart Categories.

Customer segmentation

Magento Commerce allows you to create groups of clients and visitors based on flexible logical conditions. Thanks to this feature, you can easily segment customers who, for example, made purchases in the last 30 days of products from specific categories and had an average basket value above specific amount.

Content personalization

The system supports the personalization of promotional content and rules addressed to specific customer segments. It allows you to freely manipulate banners, content, widgets. For example, customers in segment X will see a different home page content compared to customers of the Y segment.

Gift cards

With Magneto Commerce customers can purchase physical or virtual gift cards on behalf of other users. Administrators can specify specific amounts of gift cards or give users the option to enter any values ​. The system enables connection of gift cards with physical cards through the Magento API interface.

Private sale with invitations

Magento Commerce version enables organizing private sales campaigns addressed to selected clients with Flash Sale (countdown back to the end of the promotion) option. Customers can invite their friends to private sales campaigns, thanks to which they can earn additional points for new users’ activity.

Loyality program

It allows earning points based on user behavior. Points can be exchanged for shopping again. Points can be part of promotional campaigns and, combined with behavioral targeting, can form the basis for an effective loyalty program.


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