Our FrontEnd Team at the workshop devoted to VUE.JS in Wroclaw

Last Saturday – March 10, our FrontEnd Developers team participated in the DevMeeting in Wrocław.  DevMeeting is a mix of hackathons and development workshops. The training was addressed to people programming in JavaScript and wanting to learn Vue.js.  

“Throughout the day, we implemented an exemplary application – both on our own and in teams. The content was supervised by experienced mentors who provoked discussions and shared their experience and practical knowledge with us”- says Arek Przybylski, our Front-End Developer.

Vue.js is a framework for creating web applications like from the Far East. While in our part of the world React has become the most widely used library, Asia relies on Vue.

The framework is based on the idea of creating applications from smaller components. Strong learning arguments are the very low entry threshold and the seamless integration with existing solutions. It is a great tool to work on smaller components, making them easy to test, develop and maintain, but also for large “Single Page Apps” giving more advanced modules, such as status support or routing.

The knowledge gained during the workshops will certainly be used by our team in the best possible way in the future.