Szynaka Meble

Design and implementation of Magneto 2 Open Source for Szynaka Meble – a Polish family company, the largest domestic furniture manufacturer.

Information architecture

The design process was based on the Google Design Sprint approach. Based on customer surveys, reports and competition analysis, each member of our design team has prepared its vision for the Information architecture. Final mock-ups were cerated after confronting all ideas and selecting the best approaches.

Product information and faceted navigation

One of the conclusions reached out during the research phase indicated that consumers expect from the furniture store a detailed product descriptions. The new project goal was to create and introduce new, detailed content on the site, that would help people make a decision about furniture purchase. Based on customers surveys we have designed a new attributes sets for each assortment category. The effects of the attributes sets design we have improved an extensive filters on the category page.

Project challenges:

  • support in developing an e-commerce sales process, which will be beneficial for both the producer and the partner furniture stores
  • website that will familiarize the consumer with the brand’s character, at the same time build an image and brand awareness among the new target group,
  • a platform that allows to manage the flow of orders both by the company’s headquarters and individual furniture stores,
  • detailed guidelines for the product content production

Persons analysis based on the research

We have made a research at the selected partners stores of Szynaka Meble. The research was made based on a questionnaire using the Likert scale and observation technique. The obtained data was complemented by empathy maps – a collaborative tool used to gain a deeper insight into Szynaka Meble customers. This allowed us to build Szynaka’s customer target groups, learning about their motivations and designing a customer journey (Customer Journey Map) corresponding to the clients’ needs.


Always close to people – is the motto of Szynaka Meble. We drew from this motto, creating a story that begins on the home page. It outlines the brand’s value to the customer and guides him step by step through the assortment.

Storytelling has also a sales function, promoting selected categories of furniture, as well as inspiring customers to arrange the rooms.

New design and corporate identity

The brand’s character, assortment and customer observation determined the graphic direction of the project. Szynaka Meble is a multigenerational family company that combines tradition and history with dynamic development and modern approach. The rectangles with gentle, rounded edges become the canvas of the project. In combination with a font with an oval, the whole created an impression of classics design. To emphasize the dynamics and evolution of the company, we decided to use large images. Our intention was to bring together the feeling of a modern, printed catalog of beautiful photographs to encourage customer to delve into it. Large pictures also allows to recreate the experience from the furniture store, in which furniture surrounds the customer from all sides.

Extensive static brand pages is the e-commerce website and the brand’s website at the same time. It is not only a catalog and sales platform for B2C and B2B customers. It is a showcase of the entire Szynaka Furniture Group assortment. The client needed an extensive section of brand static pages introducing its consumers values and being an information center for employees

We have extended the native functions of Magento 2 CMS to include a context menu on static pages. We implemented a blog system that allows the publication of corporate. We created a module that allows dynamic publishing of the news content such as prizes and job offers.

Bold Page Builder for Magneto 2

One of the Customer’s requirements was a simple and easy-to-use system for building and managing static pages. We have decided to create the original functionality of page builder. For the purposes of the project, we have developed a system that extends the standard CMS functionality of Magento 2. Bold Page Builder has a simple interface, does not generate unnecessary code and allows to insert content by the WYSIWYG editor. It supports Magento widgets, own html code and css-classes. Manual laying of tiles for each breakpoint ensures RWD of the site. You can see Page Builder’s results on the Szynaka Meble collection site.

Search engine hints

The advanced search function we developed allows to display a list of hints with thumbnails of product images. Not only products, but also categories and collections pages are suggested. As you type the next question marks, the hints are dynamically narrowed. The user can limit the search to a selected category of furniture. To facilitate the search management in administration panel of Magneto 2 we have developed a synonym import function from the csv file. 

Bold Magazine a dedicated module for catalog management

The client publishes many catalogs, newspapers and brochures. They needed a tool that he could easily place brand catalogs, and brochures on Magneto 2 and display them in a user-friendly form. Extensions of this type offered by external companies have two major disadvantages: in free versions they brand their product with a watermark, and in paid versions are most often available in subscription plans. We decided to develop a dedicated tool, with the features required by the client, tailored to both the desktop and the mobile version of the website.

Furniture stores management

The module is an extension of the native Magento 2  functionalities. It allows Magento administrator to create store pages according to a specific template, add and hide selected content, display photo galleries, regulations and other files to download. Administrator can also specify the type of store and its location on the map. Each store can have its own account in the Magento administration panel, which allows selected store salesperson to manage the flow of orders.

Bold Integrator a system for managing Magento 2 import profiles

Our knowledge and experience related to previous implementations of Magento resulted in creating a new importer tool, fully customizable in the administration panel. Its principle of operation is based on mapping data from the csv file to Magento 2 attributes. An administrator can use any program to edit spreadsheets, create custom columns. Next, in the Magento administration panel it is possible to map the data with Magento attributes. The last step is to upload the csv file in the panel and start importing. The whole process is a great simplification for the administrator, who can manage the imported data independently, without the need to involve developers.

Scope of work:

  • designing and implementation of an e-commerce system based on Magento 2 Open Source, that is also a brand website,
  • analysis of a business processes within the organization,
  • research and observation in partner stores of Szynaka Meble, to create a person (archetypes of clients),
  • detailed analysis of the assortment,
  • building Corporate Identity of the company in the field of electronic content,
  • information architecture project and UX interaction design,
  • extension of the Magento CMS function for static pages,
  • creation of a store management system and orders assign to stores
  • advanced system of importing product information, managed by the client.
  • implementation of the custom checkout for Magento 2, taking into account the implementation of the order by the selected store,
  • integration with the ERP system.